Current Courses

Teachright – Training and Educational Courses
Topic Course Contents Target Participants Proposed Date Course Fee
Effective planning and teaching in Early Years
  • Planning, observation and assessment
  • Implementation of 4 principles of EYFS
  • Every Child Matters
  • Partnership with parents
  • Head teachers
  • Teachers
  • Nursery nurses
  • Day care practitioners
The Creative Curriculum
  • Planning for creativity and critical thinking
  • Cross curricular teaching
  • Nurturing creativity in young people
  • Head teachers
  • Teachers
Specific learning difficulties symptoms/theory and practice(Dyslexia, ADHD etc)
  • Different types of learning difficulties and identification
  • Testing and assessment methods
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Head teachers
  • Secondary and Primary School teachers
  • Health workers
  • Parents
Improving classroom management for more effective teaching and learning
  • Explore how to create best climate for learning
  • Approaches to effective management
  • Strategies for coping with difficult pupils
  • Secondary and Primary school teachers
  • Nursery teachers
Enhancing staff performance through effective coaching
  • Strategies for applying coaching techniques to your current practice
  • Recognising and harnessing your team’s potential
  • Communicating positive and negative effectively
  • School owners
  • Head teachers
  • Senior and Middle managers
  • School administrators
Using questioning to develop pupil’s thinking skills
  • Importance of asking good quality questions
  • Strategies to improve and increase the level of challenge in classroom questioning
  • Use of open-ended question
  • Head teachers
  • Secondary and Primary school teachers
Raising the standards of school through effective self evaluation
  • Why and how to self evaluate your school
  • Techniques for monitoring and evaluation
  • Recording and managing evaluation evidence
  • Creating an action plan to maximise strength and address issues
  • Head teachers
  • Proprietors
  • Deputy head teachers
  • Directors
  • Senior members of staff
Assessment for learning –next steps in schools
  • Building classroom environment that supports assessment by pupils
  • Using objectives and success criteria to aid assessment
  • Use learning partners and logs
  • Teachers
  • Head teachers
  • Proprietors